Our Favorite Apps for Surviving a Road Trip with Kids - Day 2

It's not easy to keep kids entertained on a long car ride - honestly I have trouble amusing them on a short one. We've put together a 10 day guide filled with our top picks for app entertainment. It's jammed packed with our favorite apps for kids and lots of great giveaways! So check them out and be sure to visit daily to see all that the fun picks! Below is a short recap of our Day 2 of our guide:

 Cookie Baker: Another great game for anyone who enjoys pretending to cook. This app lets you choose from 20 different recipes and then mix the ingredients accordingly. You'll even get to crack the eggs. Keeping the game interesting is trying to bake the cookies in a timely manner so that you can serve your waiting customer. Your reward score increases by serving customers quickly.  Check out what our testers thought and see screenshots!

Fruit Memory HD: Remember the game of memory? This cute app has given it new life and somehow made it feel modern in the process. Not only can you play the game by yourself but you can have 2, 3, or 4 players. It also lets you choose the amount of cards from 12, 28, and 40. The different card levels make it possible for all ages to play. This clever app even keeps track of the top stats for game time and score, so you can compete with your top scores as well! Check out what our testers thought and see screenshots!

Playtime Theater: Think of it as the shows you used to put on with your characters, barbies, puppets, etc.. but only this time they look way cooler and you can watch the show with your audience once it's completed. This uber cool app lets you put together a whole show complete with sound effects and character customization, You can control the stage and record your performance stop motion style. Change the character's expressions and their costumes. There is so much to make your own in this great app. It's a wonderful way to express creativity and it's really neat to be able to play your show once it's completed. Check out what our testers thought and see screenshots!

Wanderland + Giveaway: This is one seriously adorable app! You get to wander about through a magical land filled with beautiful bugs (yes I did just put those two words together for the first time ever) and mythical fairies. You can take a moment to hang out in your treehouse, even redecorate a bit should you have the urge. You can also roam freely about the forest and on your stroll find bugs and jewels to add to your collection jar. You simply drag them over to the little jar icon and then you can view your collect jar. You can actually do much more than view it - you can rearrange it and watch all your creatures doing their thing inside. See what our testers thought, check out screenshots, and enter to win our giveaway!

Cooking Dash: Thrills & Spills + Giveaway: If you are a fan of time management games this one is for you. You get to work across 3 unique themed restuarant venues at a theme park. This means 30 levels of fast paced fun! Enjoy preparing and serving dishes at the Pirate Ship, Log Ride, and Spooky Shack. You get to upgrade your equipment as your earn more money and with each level you progress the difficulty increases. There are also some cool new features to enjoy like a dash-thru window, higher scores based on the quality of your meal, and 4 types of fun mini-games. Check out what our testers thought, see screenshots, and enter to win our giveaway!

Treat Street + Giveaway: Trick or treaters delight - now you can enjoy this fun holiday past time anytime you want. This cute app lets you lets you visit the costume shop to get dressed in your proper attire (you get to mix & match), then spend some time on Treat Street collecting candy, ringing doorbells, and discovering fun little surprises. You can also check out the contents of your candy bag - always my favorite part of an evening filled with trick-or-treating. Check out what our testers thought, see screenshots, and enter to win our giveaway!!

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