Cookie Baker

Cookie Baker: Another great game for anyone who enjoys pretending to cook. This app lets you choose from 20 different recipes and then mix the ingredients accordingly. You'll even get to crack the eggs. Keeping the game interesting is trying to bake the cookies in a timely manner so that you can serve your waiting customer. Your reward score increases by serving customers quickly. ($0.99 for both the iPad and iPhone)

Thoughts from a 5 year old:  This app was lots of fun to him but he does constantly want me to let him attempt to bake in the kitchen. He loved that he could pretend and didn't have to have mommy looming over his shoulder. He felt like he was doing it himself.

Thoughts from a 2 year old: Ummm....this is a little too hard for him. He didn't really get into the whole concept although he did enjoy stirring the ingredients with his finger.

Mom's Take: This is a great example of a kid's game that I tend to take over. I get hooked on baking the recipes and have been busted playing it long after my boys have gone to bed. I like the no mess baking and the adorable design of the app!
Simply Stated: Fun in the kitchen without the cleanup and sure to entertain your little baker.

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