Treat Street + Giveaway!

Treat Street: Trick or treaters delight - now you can enjoy this fun holiday past time anytime you want. This cute app lets you lets you visit the costume shop to get dressed in your proper attire (you get to mix & match), then spend some time on Treat Street collecting candy, ringing doorbells, and discovering fun little surprises. You can also check out the contents of your candy bag - always my favorite part of an evening filled with trick-or-treating. ($0.99 for the iPhone)

Thoughts from a 5 year old: He finds it entertaining for a little bit but will bore after about 10 - 15 minutes of gameplay. He really enjoys checking his candy sack though.

Thoughts from a 2 year old: This is perfect for him. He can easily do all aspects of the app without needing any help and he finds it to be extremely entertaining. I constantly hear the app music playing from my iPhone and know that he is having a good time playing. This keeps him busy for surprisingly long stretches of time.

Mom's Take: I think it is a sweet and fun app perfect for children about 2 - 4. It can be tricky to find apps that are advanced enough not to bore my 2 year old but simple enough not to frustrate him. This one certainly gets the job done and in my book anything that keeps him entertained for more than 15 minutes is very worthy of my money.
Simply Stated: It's a nice way to enjoy the sweet side of trick-or-treating year round and perfect for a preschooler to enjoy.

You can be one of 2 lucky readers to win a redeem code for this fun app! To enter to win visit the creator Elf Farm and comment back telling us "Why you want to win this app". The deadline to enter is May 31st at midnight EST and you can score some extra entries by liking Elf Farm on Facebook and/or following them on Twitter. Also - be sure to leave your email in the comment.

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