What makes daddy a hero?

With Father's Day sneaking up on us I took a moment to ask my children what makes their daddy a hero. I know what makes him a hero to me (his never-ending patience, ability to know exactly when mommy needs a break, hard work ethic, unconditional love, and how he can still play with them like he's a little boy) but it was definitely interesting to hear from the perspective of my little ones. Straight from the mouths of my guys:

Connor: "Because he helps people and he holds onto me on the ladder when we hung up that flower.He just does really good stuff like helping me figure out how to take the track apart and put together my lego castle."

Jackson: "Sometimes he puts masks on, like batman and spiderman."

Interesting to see what makes someone a hero when you are 5 and 2. No matter what their reasons, they definitely love their daddy.

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