Playtime Theater

Playtime Theater: Think of it as the shows you used to put on with your characters, barbies, puppets, etc.. but only this time they look way cooler and you can watch the show with your audience once it's completed. This uber cool app lets you put together a whole show complete with sound effects and character customization, You can control the stage and record your performance stop motion style. Change the character's expressions and their costumes. There is so much to make your own in this great app. It's a wonderful way to express creativity and it's really neat to be able to play your show once it's completed. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the impending update which will include multiple saved shows, a newly designed mode selector that is more intuitive, a volume control for mixing music and many other bug fixes and enhancements. Plus - there is another surprise feature that you're sure to enjoy!  ($2.99 for the iPad)

Thoughts from a 5 year old: This app was a little tricky at first for him to figure out but once I showed him a quick how-to, he was on a role. He loves making his own shows and will constantly be sitting us down to watch the premieres. It captivates him for extremely long stretches of time and he keeps coming back to make more shows.

Thoughts from a 2 year old: Let's just say it was over his head at the moment. He had fun moving characters around and pretending with them the way he does with his action figures. However, he definitely was not ready to direct any Playtime Theater productions.

Mom's Take: I am always searching for apps that allow my kids to be creative and this is a prime example of an app that meets those qualifications. It's a wonderful way to let my children play make believe and then to be able to share that world with the family. I am very impressed with it - my only request would be the ability to save and name past shows so that we can watch them again at a later date.

Simply Stated: This is so much more fun than a curtained box with sock puppets and you can't beat it for the price.

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