Wanderland + Giveaway!

Wanderland: This is one seriously adorable app! You get to wander about through a magical land filled with beautiful bugs (yes I did just put those two words together for the first time ever) and mythical fairies. You can take a moment to hang out in your treehouse, even redecorate a bit should you have the urge. You can also roam freely about the forest and on your stroll find bugs and jewels to add to your collection jar. You simply drag them over to the little jar icon and then you can view your collect jar. You can actually do much more than view it - you can rearrange it and watch all your creatures doing their thing inside. ($1.99 for the iPhone)

Thoughts from a 5 year old: It was lots of fun to him to wander the Wanderland Forest and collect items for his jar. He was extremely picky about what he deemed worthy for collection and would frequently evict all his collection residents and go a different way altogether.

Thoughts from a 2 year old: It only took one demonstration for him to understand how to catch bugs for his jar and then he was completely hooked. It was so much fun for him to fill it up and he would constantly be proclaiming "look at my new bug mommy!".

Mom's Take: At first I didn't understand the big thrill about the collection jar but once I started playing around with the app I was actually shocked (and a little ashamed) at how much time I could spend adding to my collection jar. I even got a kick out of rearranging the contents. This overall design is so simple to use and the creatures are truly adorable. If only real creepy crawlies were that cute - in the meantime this is the perfect type of collection jar for our family.
Simply Stated: This fantasy filled forest is fun for all ages and unlike any app we've played before!
You can be one of 4 lucky readers to win a redeem code for this fun app! To enter to win visit the creator Elf Farm and comment back telling us "Why you want to win this app". The deadline to enter is May 31st at midnight EST and you can score some extra entries by liking Elf Farm on Facebook and/or following them on Twitter. Also - be sure to leave your email in the comment.

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Shelly said...

my 6 year old would have fun with this

Shelly said...

follow Elf Farm on twitter @phxbne

Aileen said...

This game looks cute and my daughter would really like it. We travel a lot so I always need games to keep my children occupied on long trips. Only problem is we have an itouch and ipad but no iphone. Need this game on other platforms. arobimom at gmail dot com

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