Cooking Dash: Thrills & Spills + Giveaway!!

Cooking Dash: Thrills & Spills: If you are a fan of time management games this one is for you. You get to work across 3 unique themed restuarant venues at a theme park. This means 30 levels of fast paced fun! Enjoy preparing and serving dishes at the Pirate Ship, Log Ride, and Spooky Shack. You get to upgrade your equipment as your earn more money and with each level you progress the difficulty increases. There are also some cool new features to enjoy like a dash-thru window, higher scores based on the quality of your meal, and 4 types of fun mini-games. ($4.99 for the iPad)

Thoughts from a 5 year old: He really liked the concept and wanted to play the game. He would start off good but quickly be overwhelmed by the speed and many tasks required. I think he is just a little too young but will soon be ready to enjoy it!

Thoughts from a 2 year old: Way out of his league on this but it's certainly not made for kids his age.

Mom's Take: I'm truly addicted. This is an app for me. I could not put it down until I beat it. It was the most addictive game I've found in a long time and after spending many hours happily engrossed in the theme park food preparation - I'm convinced I have to try more games from this company. Lucky for me, they have quite a few to choose from!
Simply Stated: This game is loads of fun and greatly suited for ages 8 - right up to adult. It is a serious time killer - you'll be shocked at how long you can get sucked into it.
We are lucky enough to get to giveaway 3 redeem codes for this awesome app!! To enter to win visit PlayFirst and comment back sharing "why you want to win this app". The deadline to enter is May 31st at midnight EST. You can score extra entries by liking PlayFirst on Facebook and/or following them on Twitter. Also be sure to include your email in your comment.

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