Our Favorite Apps for Surviving a Road Trip with Kids - Day 4

Yup - we are still at it! It's now day 4 of our 10 day guide filled with our top picks for app entertainment. These are our top picks for surviving summer travel with your munchkins and well just some of our favorite apps! It's also jammed packed with lots of great giveaways! So check them out and be sure to visit daily to see all that the fun picks! Below is a short recap of our Day 4 of our guide:

TallyTots: This interactive app is the perfect way to get your young one to start counting. It has  fun activities for numbers 1-20 and it is done in such a clever way to make learning to count fun. Kids can do activities like lighting up the light bulbs, picking apples, even a little matching & sorting. Your child will be able to count along with the guide and you'll be surprised how quickly they grasp counting from 1- 20. Check out what our testers thought and view screenshots!

Drawing Pad + Giveaway:  It turns your Pad into an young artist's dream and you will be amazed at what they can create. The options are endless thanks to all the different artistic mediums your child can choose from - not only can they draw, but they can use paint, colored pencils, markers, crayons, stickers, and more. You can even choose from lots of fun backgrounds or create your own background from your photos. The app makes it feel very realistic due in part to the real to life size and photo look of the mediums and the added ability to soften and blend colors. Now you also have the ability to download coloring books to add even more entertainment to this artistic app! Check out what our testers thoughts, view screenshots, and enter to win our giveaway!!

The Wrong Side of the Bed + Giveaway: A cute tale of Mott who awakes on the wrong side of the bed - which in the case means the bottom of the bed. The story is about Mott's experiences when spending a day upside down. Each page of the story has animation and when you touch certain aspects of each story page they will react. You can choose to have it read aloud or to read it yourself. It also has the option to view the book in 3D if you have a pair of 3D glasses (or you can order some through the app). Check out what our testers thought, view screenshots, and enter to win our giveaway!!

Zombies Ala Mode: It's nice to see a zombie working hard at something other than creeping people out. This app casts you as a hard working zombie serving ice cream to customers that only show you their hand. While the concept is simple it can certainly be tricky. Your boss is tossing ice cream scoops in the air and you have to tilt your device to catch them in the cone - all the while you have to be sure you are catching the customers order and then deliver it to them. If you take to long the customer's outstretched hand turns an angry shade of red and your "understanding" boss takes your tip as the dis-satisfied customer disappears. Check out what our testers thought and view screenshots!!

Road-Trip-Bingo: In a guide filled with picks for traveling with kids - this is one app that could not be left out. It's perfect for keeping passengers entertained on a long car ride! The concept is simple - achieve Bingo by finding the items on your board. Items on the board are beautiful illustrations of items you should be able to stumble across on any road trip - like a for sale sign, green car, stoplight, and railroad crossing. When you find the item you simply touch the square to have a marker placed. Once you achieve bingo a monster appears with the word Bingo across his chest. The iPad version also has the option of playing 2 player, which can certainly cause a competition! Check out what our testers thought and view screenshots!!

Mixamajig + Giveaway: You can create all kinds of crazy creature combos with this fun app. The possibilities are pretty much endless with over 200 different body pieces. You can even add in your own photos for backgrounds or faces! The Kooks come to life with sounds and animations and when you create your own you can even add your own voice to the fun! When you visit the Mixamajig site you can download templates to print and make your own Mixamajig - this is a perfect summer boredom killer. Check out what our testers thought, view screenshots, and enter to win our giveaway!!

Draw with Squares HD: Re-create the drawings in 3 different sizes by painting in the squares on the grid. It's kind of like the light bright without the light. There are tons of images to try and create + you can design your own. Once you complete a creation it earns a mark on it to show it has been achieved. Check out what our testers thought and view screenshots!!

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