Zombies Ala Mode

Zombies Ala Mode: It's nice to see a zombie working hard at something other than creeping people out. This app casts you as a hard working zombie serving ice cream to customers that only show you their hand. While the concept is simple it can certainly be tricky. Your boss is tossing ice cream scoops in the air and you have to tilt your device to catch them in the cone - all the while you have to be sure you are catching the customers order and then deliver it to them. If you take to long the customer's outstretched hand turns an angry shade of red and your "understanding" boss takes your tip as the dis-satisfied customer disappears. ($0.99 for the iPad and iPhone)

Thoughts from a 5 year old: He liked this game but he would get frustrated with it when he kept losing customers. He was much better at it then I was and the good 20-30 minute stretches it would keep him entertained were great during a car ride!

Thoughts from a 2 year old: He is too young to understand or to play. He likes to try and catch the scoops of ice cream but you can be certain there will be no attention paid to orders or any completed cones delivered to the waiting customers. I'm pretty sure he got fired.

 Mom's Take: I found it to reveal how much I stink at tilting the iPad properly. I struggled to catch the scoops in a timely matter but I found it to be addictive fun nontheless.
Simply Stated: It is an interesting twist with the combination of time management, serving customers, and tilt to play. I've never seen an app put them all together before and it's definitely one that will keep you busy trying to master!

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