TallyTots: This interactive app is the perfect way to get your young one to start counting. It has  fun activities for numbers 1-20 and it is done in such a clever way to make learning to count fun. Kids can do activities like lighting up the light bulbs, picking apples, even a little matching & sorting. Your child will be able to count along with the guide and you'll be surprised how quickly they grasp counting from 1- 20. ($2.99 for the iPad)

 Thoughts from a 5 year old: While his counting abilities were a little advanced for this app, he still enjoyed trying out the activites for each number. However, he lost interest after he played it once.

Thoughts from a 2 year old: He really loves this app. He will play it over and over and over. I kept hearing him counting and didn't know where it was coming from until I realized he was learning it from this clever app. Whenever he plays it you can hear him counting along and the experience is definitely sticking in his mind.

Mom's Take: I am a big fan of apps that not only entertain my kids but also manage to make learning fun. TallyTots does an excellent job of teaching counting to your child. I am nothing but impressed with how effective and enjoyable it is with my youngest. He can easily count to 20 and I owe this app all the credit.
Simply Stated: Apps that mix education and amusement well are tricky to find. This one has excelled at that tricky combination and your preschooler will love it!

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