Connect N Color + Giveaway!

Connect N Color HD: A fun way to sneak in a little number recognition and matching without your child even realizing their learning. Let your child match the numbers on the colors to the numbers in the drawing. Although the concept sounds simple, some of the puzzles can be a challenge. This app is perfectly geared toward ages 2 - 6 and is a great way to keep your young one entertained. ($1.99 for the iPad)

Thoughts from a 5 year old: This was right up his alley. He loves to color and when you add in the matching almost puzzle like aspect of coloring by number - he would get hooked on the game. He really could not stand to have to stop mid-picture.

Thoughts from a 2 year old: He also enjoyed the app but he definitely struggled a bit with matching the numbers to the colors. I could see a noticable improvement in his number recognization skills the more he played this app.

Mom's Take: I even had a good time coloring the scenes by number. I liked the way it drew my eldest in and I was impressed with the quick improvements I saw from my youngest playing the app. It does a great job of both challenging and engaging your child.
Simply Stated: It costs less then a coloring book and comes stocked with crayons + some sneaky learning. I certainly would deem this one worthy of your app collection.
 We have 3 free download codes up for grabs!! To enter to win one visit the Scrivvle website and comment back with the answer to the following question: How many ants do you see on the Scrivvle website? The deadline to enter is June 3rd at midnight EST. You can score extra entries by liking Scrivvle on Facebook and/or following Scrivvle on Twitter. Please be sure to include your email in your comment!

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wigget said...

3 ants

Aileen said...

I had to go back a second time to find those darn maroon ants. There were three. arobimom at gmail dot com

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