Road-Trip-Bingo: In a guide filled with picks for traveling with kids - this is one app that could not be left out. It's perfect for keeping passengers entertained on a long car ride! The concept is simple - achieve Bingo by finding the items on your board. Items on the board are beautiful illustrations of items you should be able to stumble across on any road trip - like a for sale sign, green car, stoplight, and railroad crossing. When you find the item you simply touch the square to have a marker placed. Once you achieve bingo a monster appears with the word Bingo across his chest. The iPad version also has the option of playing 2 player, which can certainly cause a competition! ($1.99 for iPad and $0.99 for the iPhone)

Thoughts from a 5 year old: This was right up his alley. He had a great time trying to spot the objects on his card and would play the game repeatedly. He really loved to play against someone else - that made it a challenge he couldn't stand to lose.

Thoughts from a 2 year old: He really wasn't ready for this concept yet. He could handle looking for one object but a card through of quests was too much for him.

Mom's Take: It's easy to use and perfect for a car ride. It did a wonderful job of entertaining my oldest and I really liked that it was an app that could be played with more than one person.
Simply Stated: The adorably illustrated game board is sure to keep your child entertained for a good while. When you are trapped in the car for hours on end - this is money you will be happy you spent!

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