Our Favorite Apps for Surviving a Road Trip with Kids - Day 1

It's not easy to keep kids entertained on a long car ride - honestly I have trouble amusing them on a short one. We've put together a 10 day guide filled with our top picks for app entertainment. It's jammed packed with our favorite apps for kids and lots of great giveaways! So check them out and be sure to visit daily to see all that the fun picks! Below is a short recap of our Day 1 of our guide:

Kindermusik + Giveaway: More than just a kid friendly radio browser, this unique app also thought to allow your little one to participate in making the music. There are 5 different stations to chose from - Bounces & Rhymes, Animals, Animals, Get Up and Move!, Mostly Lullabies, and Tell Me a Story. Once you select a station you can see the album cover, view the lyrics, and also see activity suggestions that fit that particular song. You can even play along a selection of 5 different instruments to the music. If you hear a specific song your little one loves you can also buy the song/album from itunes (straight from the including links in the app) or email the song to whoever so you can remember it or simply spread the good tunes. ($1.99 for the iPhone) - Find out what our testers thought, check out the screenshots and enter the giveaway!

Eric Carle's My Very First App + Giveaway: This one is basically a game of memory based on Eric Carle's bestselling My First Books. In addition to the gorgeous artwork it provides you with 3 different ways to play the matching games which makes it work for children a variety of ages. You can choose between 3 levels of difficulty and with each level is a different twist on the matching game. When you play easy - the child simply swipes the top image and the bottom image until they match. When each image is touched it tells you what it is and once paired correctly (ex: the purple color and the purple grapes would be a match), the app will tell you upon touch "purple grapes". When you play medium you simply flip the 16 cards to make matching and all the while the app will say what each image is as you touch it. Lastly, when played on hard the game requires you to flip cards to pair items that go together - like brown and shoe. Another added feature to this adorable app is the ability to play it in 7 different languages. This would be a really cool way to introduce your child to another language! ($1.99 for both the iPhone or iPad) Find out what our testers thought, see screen shots and enter the giveaway!

Cupcake Baker: This cooking game lets your child not only be the baker but they also get to earn "coins" for their creations and then upgrade their shop look and buy more baking supplies. It allows them creative reign over how their cupcakes are decorated and then lets them show them of in their display case. It also teaches them the basic baking ideas that go with cooking a cupcake as they have to follow a recipe adding eggs, sugar, and so on to cook their cupcakes. When you add that to the added fun of being able to spruce up your shop with new tables, chairs, even wallpaper - this one is a winner!a ($1.99 for iPad & $0.99 for the iPhone) Checkout what our testers thought and see screenshots!

 Animal Hide & Seek Adventure + Giveaway: The concept is pretty simple - find the cute animals that are hiding inside each scene. There are 3 different scene categories - Jungle, Circus, and Ocean. Once one is selected your child sees a fun image with 5 hidden animals. Their full images are on the bottom of the screen and when touched cause the hidden animal to give a hinting wiggle of it's location. Once your child finds all the animals hiding they view a bright & fun congratulatory scene and then a new hunt appears. It's never-ending fun for a little one who enjoys the seeking aspect of hide & seek. ($1.99 iPad & $0.99 iPhone) Checkout what our testers thought, see screenshots, and enter our giveaway!

Build A Train + Giveaway: If you know a train lover than this app is a must have for them. Our little train lover was completely captivated by this fun app. There are lots of different tracks/maps and in order to unlock each one your child has to accumulate some points. In order to earn the points they have to direct the train to to various stations on the map to pick up boxes. This means they have to switch the tracks to ensure the train gets where it needs to be. They also get to chose how their train looks by selecting an engine from 7 options and then adding coaches to it (there are 12 different coaches to choose from including a caboose). When you are directing your train you get to control the speed, honk the horn, and ring the bell. Your little one is the conductor. ($1.99 for both iPad & iPhone) Checkout what our testers thought, see screenshots, and enter our giveaway!

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