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Kindermusik: More than just a kid friendly radio browser, this unique app also thought to allow your little one to participate in making the music. There are 5 different stations to chose from - Bounces & Rhymes, Animals, Animals, Get Up and Move!, Mostly Lullabies, and Tell Me a Story. Once you select a station you can see the album cover, view the lyrics, and also see activity suggestions that fit that particular song. You can even play along a selection of 5 different instruments to the music. If you hear a specific song your little one loves you can also buy the song/album from itunes (straight from the including links in the app) or email the song to whoever so you can remember it or simply spread the good tunes. ($1.99 for the iPhone)

Thoughts from a 5 year old: My oldest did enjoy the ability to become in control of the music, however, this one only kept his interest for a small period of time.

Thoughts from a 2 year old: Our little guy was very entertained. He really liked being able to play the instruments with the music. Only problem with letting him DJ is the song selection is constantly changing.

Mom's Take: I thought it was a great way to play kid appropriate music in our car and I really appreciated the ability to view the lyrics to each song. Apparently Mommy is supposed to know the lyrics to every song and always be able to tell them to my 2 year old - this app actually made that possible and it kept me from having to make words up to tell him. This time around he will be singing something that makes sense. I also really appreciated the clean, simple, easy to navigate design of this app.
Simply Stated: The never-ending amount of kid friendly tunes is certainly worth this low price tag.

You can be one of 5 readers to win a redeem code for Kindermusik! To enter to win visit Night & Day Studios and then comment back telling us "What is it about this app that makes you want to win it?". You can also score an extra entry for liking Night & Day Studios on Facebook or following them on Twitter (or 2 extra entries for doing both!). The deadline to enter is May 31st at midnight EST and be sure to include your email in your comment.

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