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Build A Train: If you know a train lover than this app is a must have for them. Our little train lover was completely captivated by this fun app. There are lots of different tracks/maps and in order to unlock each one your child has to accumulate some points. In order to earn the points they have to direct the train to to various stations on the map to pick up boxes. This means they have to switch the tracks to ensure the train gets where it needs to be. They also get to chose how their train looks by selecting an engine from 7 options and then adding coaches to it (there are 12 different coaches to choose from including a caboose). When you are directing your train you get to control the speed, honk the horn, and ring the bell. Your little one is the conductor. ($1.99 for both iPad & iPhone)

Thoughts from a 5 year old: The coolest train app he has ever had the privilege to play. He instantly grasped the gameplay and actually instructed his train challenged mother on how to work the tracks. He proudly kept his train moving at high speed and made sure to let us know what a pro he is. He would not stop playing until all the maps had been unlocked and he literally squeeled with delight when he discovered the helicopter built into the app.

Thoughts from a 2 year old: While he doesn't get how to play  - he still enjoys picking his train & coaches and then sending it around the track. He only accumulates point by accident but he still seems to enjoy it just the same.

Mom's Take: While you probably won't catch me playing this in my free time it is definitely an app worthy of my praise. My oldest son is completely enamored with it and he can't let go of the hope that new maps will appear in the future. It's well designed, easy to work, and certainly keeps my sons mind thinking.
Simply Stated: If you have a train fan this app is a no brainer - they will love it!
 We have 20 redeem codes to giveaway for this fun app! To enter to win visit the creators - The Guys in the Booth and comment back with the answer to the following question: Name one other kid-focused app that The Guys in the Booth have created. The deadline to enter is May 30th, 2011 at midnight EST.

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Emskyrooney said...

This app looks like something my little guy would go CRAZY for! The Guys in the Booth also do a Build a Zoo app which looks like fun!

wigget said...

build a zoo app

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