Eric Carle's My Very First App + Giveaway!

Eric Carle's My Very First App: This one is basically a game of memory based on Eric Carle's bestselling My First Books. In addition to the gorgeous artwork it provides you with 3 different ways to play the matching games which makes it work for children a variety of ages. You can choose between 3 levels of difficulty and with each level is a different twist on the matching game. When you play easy - the child simply swipes the top image and the bottom image until they match. When each image is touched it tells you what it is and once paired correctly (ex: the purple color and the purple grapes would be a match), the app will tell you upon touch "purple grapes". When you play medium you simply flip the 16 cards to make matching and all the while the app will say what each image is as you touch it. Lastly, when played on hard the game requires you to flip cards to pair items that go together - like brown and shoe. Another added feature to this adorable app is the ability to play it in 7 different languages. This would be a really cool way to introduce your child to another language! ($1.99 for both the iPhone or iPad)

Thoughts from a 5 year old: He whizzed through the easy level but enjoyed both medium and hard. He especially enjoyed when I would set the app to different languages and I was impressed at how fast he picked up the words.

Thoughts from a 2 year old: He liked both easy and medium modes. He would sit for quite a while on medium until he had all the cards flipped over and paired up. He also had to repeat whatever the app said - so it was a good way to get him to learn colors and words.

Mom's Take: I loved it from the moment I saw the classic and familiar images. It entertains both my children and it teaches them at the same time. The ability to customize the difficulty for each child and to be able to change the language makes it an app fully worth my money. The app comes stocked with 2 set options (colors & animals) and should you want to add to your words and matching options you can purchase 4 other sets (Shapes, Numbers, Food, Animal Sounds) - each at $0.99. Even if you bought the app and all the additional sets it still costs about the same or less than buying 1 board book at your local book store.
Simply Stated: This cute app will keep your child learning without even realizing it and the beautiful illustrations make it one I'm proud to share with my kids.
You can be one of 5 readers to win a redeem code for Eric Carle's My Very First App! To enter to win visit Night & Day Studios and then comment back telling us "What is it about this app that makes you want to win it?". You can also score an extra entry for liking Night & Day Studios on Facebook or following them on Twitter (or 2 extra entries for doing both!). The deadline to enter is May 31st at midnight EST and be sure to include your email in your comment.

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wigget said...

the fun graphics

Rattled Mom said...

My daughters LOVE Eric Carle books!

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