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You might remember when I reviewed the Sweet Leaf Baby collection from Thymes - but did you know that Thymes also has a great home fragrance collection? I don't know about you but to me there is something so comforting about having your home smell delightful. I am completely addicted to candles. Thymes has over 20 different candle scents available for your home and the designs on the candle are anything but ordinary. The gorgeous packaging makes these an easy and beautiful gift.
Thymes also has a collection of Home Fragrance Mists. These come available in the same great scents as the candle collection. I think that everyone needs to put one of these in their guest bathroom. The designs make the mists look decrative instead of the cheesy spray potpourri bottles people toss next to the toilet (ok- I do that). Guest baths always need a smell saving device but at least this way you can take care of that problem and make it look classy at the same time. Plus the scents from Thymes smell so much better than what you can pick up at the local quicki-mart. Make sure to visit Thymes to see all the beautiful designs and the full scent collection!Best Blogger Tips

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