A bubble bath that tackles stuffy noses!

Just in time for cold season - California Baby's Colds and Flu Aromatherapy Bubble Bath just might make getting over a the sniffles a little more fun for your child. Safe to use for children as young as newborns it uses a nourishing herbal complex and contains vegetable-derived bubbling agents. This organic bubble bath is not only gentle but it will help avoid irritation & protect delicate skin. It's also tear free!

This is a big hit at our home. Now whenever Connor gets a cold he says he needs to take a bath the get better. It's amazing that taking a relaxing bubble bath will help to relieve your congestion but it works. California Baby even thought to include a fun bubble wand as part of the package. Being able to blow bubbles in his bubble bath is just too much fun for Connor! Plus mom & dad - this works on your stuffy nose too!

If you aren't recovering from a Cold/Flu - California Baby has a whole line of great bubble baths. You can choose from options like Calming, I Love You, Light & Happy, Overtired & Cranky (now there is a good one for me), and they even have a Super Sensitive formula. Visit California Baby to see the complete range of organic products for your family!
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kagey10 said...

CA Baby has WONDERFUL products. I love them. if I get a cold I might have to have this. that means I need to order some just in case!

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