Our Favorite Apps for Surviving a Road Trip with Kids - Day 3

It's not easy to keep kids entertained on a long car ride - honestly I have trouble amusing them on a short one. We've put together a 10 day guide filled with our top picks for app entertainment. It's jammed packed with our favorite apps for kids and lots of great giveaways! So check them out and be sure to visit daily to see all that the fun picks! Below is a short recap of our Day 3 of our guide:

The Toilet Monster: Anything but your typical book, this humorous story is perfect for you little ones. Enjoy the tale of Lola as she faces her fear of the big bad toilet. Although I would peg this as a match made in heaven for potty training parents - it is also fun for kids already out of pullups! My favorite feature is the ability to record yourself or your child narrating the story. It definitely makes it more personal and interactive for your child. We had a ball taking turns recording our voices! Check out what our testers thought, view screenshots, and enter to win our giveaway!

 Albert: This graphically pleasing app was actually created using 1000 pieces of cardboard that were sliced and animated by hand. I am a big fan of the end results - the images make me want to try and see what I could create with cardboard. The app is made up of 14 addictive mini games (all of which have hidden objects within). Your performance on each mini-game gets a rating and earns you stars - you have to earn stars to unlock the various mini-games. You'll get to tilt the iPad, use the microphone, and take advantage of the multi-touch ability. Check out what our testers thought and view screenshots!

Jellytoons: This app is geared specifically toward your toddler and it's done in a way that at times feels as though they are watching a favorite show. It contains 6 fun games and focuses on your child's fine motor skills and critical thinking. It will even track your child's performance graph style. Your little one will participate in matching, shape sorting, counting, tracing, and hide & seek - all of which will earn them presents (stickers) that they can arrange in their sticker book. Check out what our testers thought, view screenshots, and enter to win a $20 itunes gift card!

Goosed Up Rhymes: Mother Goose gets a sense of humor with this clever app. It takes 8 classic tales like Humpty Dumpty and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and then turns them into interactive storybook pages filled with giggle inducers. Each page is filled with hidden animations that are tons of fun to touch and discover. You can also touch the words to hear them aloud - perfect for those learning to read! On top of all this fun - there are even 4 mini-games like fixing Humpty Dumpty. Oh' and don't forget to help the funny little squirrel find his acorns on each interactive page but if you forget he will remind you. Check out what our testers thought, view screenshots, and enter our giveaway!

Swapsies:  Bringing dress up to the app store, this cute app lets your child mix & match costume pieces to create an outfit for their character. It comes complete with 6 customizable characters (both boys & girls) and 8 complete costume occupations (like a police officer, astronaut, doctor). The combinations are pretty extensive at over 3,000 possibilities. You child simply swipes the different hats, tops, and pants until they create the look they want. The app will make a rewarding chime whenever a occupation look is completed and it will even give you a little check next to it on the clipboard. Check out what our testers thought, view screenshots, and enter our giveaway!

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