Albert HD

Albert HD: This graphically pleasing app was actually created using 1000 pieces of cardboard that were sliced and animated by hand. I am a big fan of the end results - the images make me want to try and see what I could create with cardboard. The app is made up of 14 addictive mini games (all of which have hidden objects within). Your performance on each mini-game gets a rating and earns you stars - you have to earn stars to unlock the various mini-games. You'll get to tilt the iPad, use the microphone, and take advantage of the multi-touch ability. ($2.99 for iPad)

Thoughts from a 5 year old: He found this game to be loads of fun! It's crazy how I couldn't stop him from navigating the soap to Albert during bath time and watering the plants (too bad he doesn't give these usually mundane tasks such passion in real life). He found the mini-games challenging at times but it never stopped him from getting vast enjoyment from them.

Thoughts from a 2 year old: He too found this app to be a good time. He didn't like all the mini-games but he really enjoyed turning off the alarm clocks and catching him so un-burnt toast. I was surprised how easily he could navigate the app and also by how long it managed to keep him entertained.

Mom's Take:  I have to admit this app was an addiction for me as well. I was surprised how into matching socks I could become (at home I just toss them all into a basket and retrieve a match on a daily basis). Probably to most amazing aspect of the app was to turn daily tasks into fun, addictive, mini-games. I wanted to achieve 3 stars on all and couldn't stand not being able to find the hidden objects as well. When you add all this fun to some seriously cool graphics - this one is a big winner at our home.
Simply Stated: The combination of mini-games, hidden objects, and creative graphics makes this app fun for our entire family. It appeals to all ages!

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