I just can't get enough of this scent!

I am addicted to anything that smells like vanilla. I can't resist the scent of it and have recently become very picky about how it should smell. I believe a well-rounded vanilla should smell natural, subtle, warm, and sweet. I can't stand it when it becomes overpowering or too-sweet and over-the-top. I want it to feel elegant but still remind you a little of the scent when you grandma was baking. Lush's Vanillary encapsulates everything I want in a vanilla perfume. It has that perfect hint of vanilla extract and it is just a comforting aroma to me. When you combine that with the hint of burnt caramel - I'm so in love with this scent. It's not at all strong but it leaves just enough for your skin to smell sensually sweet and warm. I really like that Lush offers it in 4 different sizes. You can go with my favorite option - their 4 oz. solid perfume. I am constantly endorsing solid perfumes because they are so much simpler and more convenient. I keep them in my bag and never worry about a leak (do be mindful that they will melt if you leave them in the heat too long). It's much easier to apply and you no longer end up spraying just a little too much. You can get your own Vanillary 4 oz. for only 9.95 from Lush.

Simply Stated - The smell is amazing and for the price - you cannot beat it!

Special thanks to Lush for providing a sample for review purposes.

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