20 weeks - This pant has got my back!

You have probably already heard about Sassybax and their awesome line of shapewear. They recently came out with a new addition worth raving about - the Cigarette Pant! Pregnant or not, this is a smoking hot add on that your wardrobe deserves. It is the perfect mix of a legging, the classic silhouette of the cigarette pant, and shapewear. I love it's versatility. You can easily dress this up for a night out or dress it down for a casual look. It is also extremely comfortable. I'm not lying. I'm telling you from my 20-week pregnant body that they are truly comfortable shapewear. When I opened the package and observed that it looked like it was a pair of tights for an 8 year old - I was worried. I thought no way these will fit me and if they do - they are going to suck the life out of me. I was completely wrong. They adapt perfectly to your body and then after wearing go back to their munchkin form. They definitely retain their stretch. I loved the way they improved my body. It seems like the further along I get the bigger my back love handles get (sorry for the visual), so typically tight bottoms give me a muffin top to go with my big belly. These pants smoothed it all out and made my backside look better than ever. Muffin top begone and they even left me panty line free. A really nice feature of the pants is the ability to fold down the top if you like. Currently I like the full coverage of wearing them high but I can see me enjoying this option later down the road.
They would also make awesome work-out pants because the fabric just wicks away moisture. I will definitely be sporting these to my Pilate's class. You can choose from white or black (or go for both). After trying these out in black I am adding the white pair to my birthday wish list. Sassybax's Cigarette Pants are perfect for any woman. I love that this is a piece of clothing that works pregnant or not pregnant. It will be a staple that I can always wear. You can get your own pair online from Sassybax and while you are there check out their other amazing options for your body.

Simply Stated - This one gets a top notch rating from me! I was really impressed with the quality, versatility, and the comfort. I really love that I can wear them pregnant or not!

Special thanks to Sassybax for providing a sample for review purposes.

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Anonymous said...

I would love a strapless body suit added to the line

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