Dingle - The Helpful ice Cream Cone Delivery Dog

Audrey Kinsella's book - Dingle, The Helpful Ice Cream Cone Delivery Dog was a unique type of book. It centers around a special needs dog named Dingle who just wants to help. This is a story that I can see being very helpful to families who have members with special needs. It does a good job of showing how it's ok to accept help and that people, or in this case Dingle, truly want to help. When I read the story to my 5 year old he was very curious about special needs dogs and what they are all about. I think that Dingle should have a sequel that goes greater into depth about all the things he does to help out his master. I liked the way the book showed his desire to help and the way in the end his master learned that his help was something worth accepting. The one thing about the book that bothered me was the way anything said by the characters (in their little speech bubbles) was reprinted below as the story. I seemed a little redundant. I found it a bit confusing at times because it would never say who said what - so you needed to refer to the speech bubbles. My kids enjoyed the story regardless and the only complaint they had was they wanted to see more of Dingle in action.

Simply Stated: I think this book does a perfect job of getting across the message it was meant to share. However, keep in mind it feels more like a teaching aid than a bedtime story.

I was provided a sample of this book for review purposes.

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