Lime, Lavender, and Seaweed - You belong together!

Lush's Sea Vegetable soap pairs unlikely ingredients like lime, lavender, and sea weed to create something worth writing home about. I pretty much like everything about this bright beautiful square of cleansing power. I really am in love with the scent - it instantly makes me think of the beach. The aroma is wonderful and captures the essence of summer to me - it is a great way to wake up. I also like the way seaweed & sea salt is blended into the bottom of the soap to exfoliate your skin. The result is perfect - not itchy or too rough and it leaves my skin feeling so soft. My children are not big fans of exfoliating action but since less than half of the bar has seaweed in it - I simply use the top half on them. This is great for my whole family. It leaves skin feeling hydrated and the scent is something that we all like (including my husband). I can't rave enough about the smell....seriously - I want it as a body spray, a candle, and laundry detergent. You can get your own bar of Sea Vegetable from Lush and it will only cost you $7.95.

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