It's the greatest show on Earth!

This weekend we got to go to the circus and we had lots of fun! It was right up Connor's alley. Jack on the other hand was really more interested in the candy, his light up sword, and the little temporary tattoo they put on his hand. Connor really liked the clowns, motorcycles, elephants, and the guy that rode a motorcycle up a slanted tight rope.
I was really surprised at how entertaining the show was for adults. It felt like they had tried to step up their game a bit. There were even these 3 women who could contort their body into positions that resembled something out of a horror movie.
Connor preferred to be up high on Dad's shoulders or sitting in his seat. He was scared of the large crowds - we can thank his temporary pre-k teacher for that one. She lives to tell the scary stories, who cares if they traumatize a 5 year old? Why would you want your child to live in the bubble where he doesn't expect some one to kill him in a public restroom or to kidnap him on the toy aisle? Why wouldn't you tell a young child a ghost story involving bones talking from a kid's closet? What normal person would think it was a bad idea to tell tales of tornadoes busting out windows and bringing kids to tears - the best time to share that story is during a tornado watch....right? Sorry - I am off on a tangent that involves Connor's fill in teacher while the one we love is out on maternity leave. I truly could rant and rave for hours about what she has said to terrify our child but I guess that is for another post - since this one is supposed to be about a traveling circus.

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