My Favorite iPhone Accessories!

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to outfitting your iPhone. As a new (late-comer) to the world of iPhone - I was really curious to see what each item had to offer. So here are some of my favorite finds and the photographs of my phone in each one.

Favorite Find: GorillaMobile ($39.95)
I'm no stranger to the world of cool Joby products and have gotten a great deal of use out of my GorillaPod. When I first heard about the GorillaMobile I wasn't totally sure what I would really use it for but it quickly become an item I use all the time and find new uses for daily. GorillaMobile comes with a soft black case that has a slot on the back to slide the GorillaMobile legs into. It is super easy to slide on and off! Since the legs don't take up much space when straightened they are easy to toss in your bag along with your phone. These unique legs have over 2 dozen leg joints that will bend and rotate 360 degrees - meaning you can hook your iPhone onto pretty much anything! Not only will it work with your iPhone but it also comes with a universal camera adapter that you can use to transform your GorillaMobile into a really amazing tripod. You'll also find to removable adhesive clips in the box - since they leave behind no sticky residue there is virtually no device you can't add legs to! I found tons of uses for GorillaMobile on my phone - here are some of my favorites:
  • I can wrap it around a shopping cart and then let my boys take turns playing games without worrying about it falling to the grocery store floor or I can actually see my shopping list and have hands free access to be able to shop.
  • I wrap it around my dash so that I can easily view my iPod when listening in the car and don't spend time searching for my phone as it flies off my lap and under my seat.
  • Super easy to wrap around my stroller handles and I can attach it to the bar over my little one's seat so that he can watch cartoons without being able to touch my phone.
  • It's a tripod for the camera in my phone - I'm actually in a few family pictures now.
  • I wrap it around my bedside lamp at night to keep my boys from making off with it in the morning and to be able to easily see the time.
Give your iPhone some style and protection!
Incipio's Silicrylic Case ($24.99) combines soft silicone and hard acrylic to give your phone style and protection. The high quality silicone core is uniquely wrapped with a custom fit acrylic shell. It comes available in a large array of colors to choose from too! What I loved about this case was the comforting feel of the seriously soft silicone sides. I also really liked the unique look of the back where the tight fit of the custom acrylic gave off a really different look. The case reminds me a little of the Otterbox but at a much better price! I liked how easy it was to access your controls and to plug in your charger. I also appreciated that they included a screen protector, cleaning cloth, and a video stand!
iSkin Solo FX ($32.99) is a serious head turner! I am constantly asked where I found this case whenever I use it. The bodysuit provides a stylish but protective wrap around your phone. It will help you avoid scratches and protect against impacts. I love the smooth, shiny look and the mod pattern. Available in 5 hot colors and you have easy access to all your inputs, screen, and buttons. Probably my favorite thing about this case is the Mirror Film that comes with it. It's a screen protector against dust and scratches but it also turns your phone into a mirror when in sleep mode. You can also purchase the iSkin Revoclip ($14.99) which you see in the picture above. It is a really nice add on when it comes to attaching your iPhone to your bag or your hip, plus it doubles as a video stand!
iSkin's Revo2 ($39.99) lets me breathe much easier about the safety of my phone. I am very attached to my iPhone and I always worry about my children or myself destroying it. As far as protection goes this case has you covered. It uses premium silicone with built in antimicrobial protection which not only inhibits the growth of odor/stain causes bacteria but also gives your phone protection from shock. It has built in protection for your docking port and it comes with an anti-glare, anti-fingerprint protective screen film. My favorite thing about this case is the scratch resistant screen shield. I always worry about cracking my screen or scratching my screen when it gets tossed into my purse. This easy to remove screen shield makes me feel much better about the safety of my screen. This case is also compatible with the Revoclip (so you could get a Revo2 for daily use and a Solo FX for going out - and they can both use the same clip!). You can get the Revo2 in a selection of 4 colors.
Speck's CandyShell ($34.99) has a lot in common with a skittle and I actually like it just as much (that is truly an accomplishment if you know how much I love skittles). It has a soft center, hard shell, and gorgeous candy colored options! This glossy case protects your phone with it's hard shell and it's rubberized interior. The inside insulates your phone during drops and "oops" and the durable outside protects if from scratches. I'm loving the subtle elegance of the two toned cases and the way the colors really pop against each other. Speck's seamless creation does an excellent job of providing protection, style, and easy access to all your inputs and buttons. The hardest decision when it comes to buying your own CandyShell is choosing a color - to me, they are all delicious!
Tekkeon's myCase ($19.95) is really two cases in one. It's perfect for someone like me who struggles to make a decision. It is actually two silicone cases that are designed to fit perfectly around each other. Since one case is mostly sheer - when combined the two give your phone a 3d feel. The case you see in the picture above is first the white case and then the addition of the pink. Together the look is really fun but it also works separately as well! The silicone case is slip proof and also provides easy reach to all your inputs and buttons. I like being able to dress up or down my phone with this unique case! It comes in 8 different designs and includes a screen protector.

Extras that give your iPhone the "Wow" factor:

I am really enjoying using RedEye on my phone. It basically turns your iPhone into a universal remote for all the devices within it's line of sight. Wow factor - this gadget gives the ability to control your devices from anywhere in your home and lets you launch activities with the touch of one button. So for example: when I want to watch a movie - it only takes one button to change the input, turn on the surround, and turn on the DVD player. Curious? You can read my full review to get all the juicy details!

Having a Slingbox in your home gives you the ability to turn your cell phone into a television. You can watch your pre-recorded shows and even pause live tv. You will love being able to catch up on your favorite show, watch that football game, and let your little one view Spongebob - anywhere you are! Now that Slingbox can stream over 3G you can truly watch tv on your phone anywhere. I am completely addicted to this gadget and struggling to remember what I did without it. You can check out my full review here.

Hands free talking just raised the bar with this one!

MoGo Talk for iPhone ($129) is one seriously cool bluetooth headset. It is not only a headset but it also comes with a protective case for your iPhone. The cool part - you actually charge your headset in your phone and it stores neatly in the phone case. So you are no longer searching for your headset (which I constantly am) and you have a very practical place to store it. It makes sense to keep your phone headset with your phone. The case has a flip up slot to plug in the USB charger for your headset. I thought this was a really nice design. I do wish that my phone and my headset could be charged using the cord at the same time but this is still far easier to use then my previous headsets. There are 2 things for me that truly set this headset apart from the rest. First - I love the earpiece (although it took a little getting used to) because it has actually been designed to fit your ear instead of being designed to fit around the speaker. It is really comfortable and unlike most earphones - it does not hurt the cartilage in my ear. Secondly, the ability to store you headset on you phone is just insane to me. I love how functional and organized it makes me feel. My youngest lives to hide things from me (keys, dvds, etc..) so having a practical place to store my headset helps keep it out of his reach. The sound quality on the MoGo Talk is impressive and pairing with your device is simple. It has up to 4 hours of talk time and 1 week of stand by. This is one headset you won't leave sitting on the charger because it is right where it should be - with your phone.

Watch This!
Agent 18's StandHear ($24.95) is so perfect for a two child home! My boys are constantly fighting over who gets to hold the iPhone and who gets to watch a movie. StandHear is much a like a compact to me because of it's size and the way that it opens. Once opened you will be able to adjust the stand just like you would a lawn chair. You'll also discover a headphone splitter that lets gives both the viewers the ability to hear. I love using it with the boys because they know they are not to touch the phone and then they can sit and enjoy. It's also great when I want to watch a video or anytime that I want to have my phone in an easy to view position. I really like that they thought to incorporate a headphone splitter and that they designed it in such a compact way. It has a permanent place in my purse but you could easily carry it in your pocket as well! You can save 15% off your order of $10 or more from the Agent18 store by using the code A18Mel.
The Backflip Case ($29.95) is basically a case with a kickstand. It kind of reminds me of a picture frame. I really liked the feel of the protective soft case and the way it could prop up my phone in both landscape and portrait mode. The case itself gives you easy access to inputs, buttons, and your screen. The kickstand pops out easily to give your phone support and then snaps back into place flat in your case. You'll be surprised how many uses you'll find for the kickstand. It's wonderful when checking email, watching programs, reading recipes, viewing photos and lots more!

Need an extra hand?
I think the Texthook was designed with busy moms in mind. It is really tricky to text while pushing a stroller, actually it's really tricky to even look at your email while pushing a stroller. The Texthook is compatible with lots of smart phones, not just the iPhone. It adapts to the size of your phone by simply squeezing together the ratchet tabs and sliding the case down to fit your phone. I like how secure my phone felt inside the case and how easy it was to get out at the same time. You can attach the Texthook to many things other than strollers - like exercise equipment, shopping carts, and bicycles. All you have to do is tighten the velcro strap around the handlebar. Once attached the cradle will move a full 180 degrees - so no matter what the angle you can see your phone. Although I wasn't crazy about the bulky design of this device I understand that the design is what makes it work with so many smart phones. I can appreciate that because my husband can use it on the eliptical with his Verizon smartphone and I can use it on the stroller with my iPhone. The nice thing about having one of these is the ability to easily access and view your phone. It does make it much easier to text and reply to emails because now you only need one hand to do it!
Griffin's iClear ($29.99) has quickly become one of my favorite cases because of it's versatility and ease of use. This invisible polycarbonate case provides protection but let you actually see what your iPhone really looks like. Sometimes I get sick of constantly hiding it's natural sleek design to protect it. I like that the iClear lets it shine and keeps it safe. The slider design of the case makes it super easy to dock without having to remove your case. You just slide the bottom of the case down to detach. It also comes with an easy to attach belt clip and an armband that is perfect for execising and in my case cleaning the kitchen!

A Surprising Favorite!
Incipio's 1337 Silicone Gaming Case ($19.99) surprised me by being one of my favorite cases! I love to play games on my iPhone but it shocked me how much easier it made gaming and when I say gaming - I mean Solitaire & Green Fingers for the most part. I like the way it is super easy to hold in my hand and the way it will sit on my leg without sliding off. I also like the superior protection provided by the high density silicone and well, who wouldn't love the comfortable feel of the grip. It was really well designed for game play! Even with the unique style of the case you still have easy access to your inputs, buttons and camera. If you like to play games on your iPhone then this is a case made for you.

And now for the apps:

I love apps and am so addicted to finding new ones each day. I put together a list of my favorites to share with you and many of them are completely FREE. Which apps made the cut - check out the list here.

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