Gorilla Pod

This has got to be one of the coolest gadgets I have ever owned. The Gorilla Pod has made it possible for me to be included in family photos. When someone always has to hold the camera, photographs of the entire family are a rarity. It's a pain to try to find a way to prop your camera up at just the right angle to achieve a photo. I constantly need an extra hand when taking pics for Now What Baby, so the Gorilla Pod has done wonders to make my photo and video life easier!

What is a Gorilla Pod? It's like a tripod but it's three legs are made up of 30 or more fully articulating ball and socket joints. The ball and socket joints make it possible to bend and twist your tripod into any position or around almost any object. The rubberized feet and soft rings on the Gorilla Pod provide traction to keep it from slipping or sliding on surfaces. This design is brilliant! You can get a Gorilla Pod for your camera or even your video camera - and they are available in many fun colors.

I found my options became limitless when I was using my Gorilla Pod. I hooked the camera to the cabinets, the microwave, a tree branch, the banister, a chair, and a fence - it really will wrap around almost anything. Another thing to love about the Gorilla Pod - the weight and size. The pod I'm using for my camera was so compact and lightweight I just tossed it in my purse. When you visit the Gorilla Pod site click on which is right for me, plug in your camera info, and the site will tell you which model to order. The prices are amazing! They start at $24.95 and don't exceed $55 - at that price there is no excuse to leave mom or dad out of the picture anymore.

Check out the video of a Gorilla Pod in action:
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