RedEye turns your iPhone into an impressive remote

You can make your iPhone do pretty much anything. Now with the help of RedEye you can even make it become a universal remote. This unique device uses your phones wifi to communicate with the RedEye Base. All your devices within the RedEye base line of sight can then be controlled with your iPhone. Pretty cool huh? What makes it better than a universal remote? To start since the device runs through your wifi you can control your devices from anywhere in your home. So when my kids have the downstairs tv way too loud on Saturday morning I can turn the volume down from the comfort of my bed - when they keep turning it back up I can turn it off from my bed too. Secondly - you can program your phone to do activities. I programmed mine to watch a dvd and to watch the dvr. When I press one button on my phone - for example the watch a dvd button - my tv changes it's input to dvd, my dvd player turns on, and the stereo changes to movie surround sound. It's simple enough that my four year old can figure it out. You even get to customize the button that you see on the remote displayed on your phone. This means when I click watch a dvd - the only buttons on the remote are the ones that I actually need - so much easier than navigating a movie with all 3 different remotes.

To use RedEye you need the RedEye hardware device, a wifi connection, and the free app. The RedEye hardware is a base that is also a charging dock for your iPhone. I like that they thought to add that helpful feature to the design. I can never have enough chargers for my phone. If more than one person in your home has an iPhone or an iPod Touch - you can all set up your own remotes on your own devices and you can all use them at the same time. Another cool feature is the ability to set your iPhone to do things like change the channel by tilting forward or lower the volume by shaking left. With RedEye you truly get to create a remote that is just right for you - even going so far as the arrange the layout of the buttons on the remote to suit your preferences. All in all - I really love this device. The only complaints I have about it is that the setup process is a little lengthy but I strongly recommend watching the instructional setup video on the site (huge help!). It was time consuming finding all of my devices in the app database and then setting up the activities. However, once you are done it is so worth your effort!

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