VDay Gift Pick: Slinbox SOLO

I am literally jumping up & down with excitement about the Slingbox SOLO. In my opinion this is the coolest thing to happen to tv since the dvr. I am a tv addict but even if you are not, this is a product that will be an asset to your life. Basically the Slingbox SOLO hooks up to pretty much any home theater device you might have - in my case we hooked it up to our DISH dvr box. It will then make it possible to watch your tv on your computer via Internet - anywhere in the world. You don't just have the ability to watch live tv but you can also watch your dvr events, even schedule your dvr to record. You have all the same features you would have if you were sitting in front of the tv in your own home, including the ability to pause, rewind, and fast forward live tv. We travel a great deal and I am spoiled at home with the ability to watch my shows the next day (and fast forward), so it is really cool to be able to still do that through my computer no matter what hotel I'm stuck in. If you happen to have a laptop with an aircard you can watch your shows or entertain your children on a long car ride. There are seriously so many options when it comes to using your Slingbox!

It took me about 30 minutes to hook everything up, including downloading and setting up the software. I was really impressed with how clearly explained each step was, especially when it came to configuring my router (which had me stumped until they showed me literally step-by-step). I am into gadgets but not so good at hooking most of them up, so I was really pleased with being able to do this one without even asking for the assistance of my husband. If the device you are hooking your slingbox up to has HD - it will actually let you watch your shows in HD on your computer. Even the Jetson's would be impressed!

My favorite feature that can be used once you have a slingbox is the SlingPlayer Mobile. I am still amazed with it!! It took me only moments to download the app ($29.99) from the app store and to start watching my dvr right from my iPhone. I have a fairly slow internet connection in my home so I worried that the quality would be poor or pausing to load. It is honestly just like watching my tv. This is incredible to me!! Since my dvr holds 200 hours of programming in addition to the ability to watch live tv - the entertainment possibilities are endless. Now instead of constantly buying iTune episodes of the Backyardigans - I can just let me son watch the ones that are taped on my dvr. It keeps him entertained while we run errands and it is such an asset when we are stuck in a long line or waiting room. I love it because I can catch up with my shows in the carpool line or while my kids are running amok at the jumping place. I can watch Project Runway while in the laundry room or take a relaxing bath and enjoy a juicy episode of Gossip Girl. You can literally watch tv wherever you want!

Last night I was watching a show via SlingPlayer Mobile on my cell phone and my husband unknowingly changed the channel to golf. I got the biggest kick out of changing the channel back to my Bad Girls Club and knowing he was sitting there scratching his head (since I wasn't even in our home). He kept putting it back on golf and I kept changing it back to my show. Childish but really funny at the same time!

Right now we are trying to keep our youngest in his bed at night. It is an ongoing challenge and my readers advised that we take the Super Nanny approach. Meaning - we just keep silently putting him back in his bed. OVER and OVER. The SlingPlayer Mobile has helped this out a little for me since I have to sit in our hall for hours - moving the munchkin back to his bed. Now at least I can watch the same LOST episode my husband is enjoying in the bedroom. Honestly, I just can't stress how cool this device is!! If you have taped an episode of a cooking show and then want to attempt it in your kitchen but there is not a tv anywhere near your kitchen. Thanks to the Slingbox - you can watch it on your computer and hopefully create a delicious meal!

All you need to use a slingbox in your home is a Windows or Mac based PC, high speed internet connection, and a home network router. Odds are you already have all three of these so the only thing left to make your tv available anywhere is a Slingbox. If you want to know if your phone is compatible with the SlingPlayer Mobile - click here to see a list of devices that support this feature. It's not too late to pick up your own Slingbox to wow that special someone this Valentine's Day. You can purchase one from Best Buy, Frys, CompUSA, and of course online at Slingbox.

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