Tis the season to smell delicious

I absolutely love it when my house smells delicious. With a home full of messy males, it rarely achieves a desirable scent. The Body Shop has helped me to get my home smelling yummy. While it doesn't vanquish the odd smells, it certainly covers them up! I love their Midnight Stars Oil Burner. You just need a tea light and some scented oil in the top of the burner to release delightful aromas. The oil burners also looks just beautiful as the light peeks through the cutouts on the burner sides. It can be a really pretty edition to any room. The Body Shop has wonderful scented oils. My current favorite is the Nutmeg & Vanilla Home Fragrance Oil. I'm uncontrollably drawn to vanilla but the edition of nutmeg to the scent is flawless. My home smells warm, cozy, and like I have been baking something delicious!! It even makes it feel more like the holidays. There is over 4 pages of different fragrance oils to choose from, which means they truly have something for everyone!
  • Wrap it up: This makes a great gift for someone you don't know all that well, like a teacher or co-worker. It's also wonderful for friends or grandparents. Try packaging the oil burner with a couple different fragrance oils and some tea lights.
  • Price Tag: $7.50+
  • Where to Buy: The Body Shop

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