Special Delivery straight from Noodle & Boo

If your baby is too little to appreciate toys, Noodle and Boo has a gift set they are old enough to appreciate. Their Special Delivery Gift Set bundles some of their best products together in a perfect pampering set for baby. The gift box includes a 72 count of their ultimate cleansing cloths, super soft lotion, extra gentle shampoo, soothing body wash, and tops it off with a luxurious wash cloth. This wash cloth was so cute - I loved the way it was designed so that I could put my hand inside and use it as a mitt to bathe my child. I am a big fan of all products from Noodle and Boo. They mild and gentle enough for even the most sensitive baby skin, plus I love the subtle scent. Their hypoallergenic products are also both dermatologist and pediatrician tested - so you can feel safe using them on baby's brand new skin. Think of Noodle and Boo as a day at the spa for baby!
  • Wrap it up: The signature pink/blue gift box is beautiful all on it's own but if you want to get creative wrap it up and put a cute little duck on the top of the box!
  • Age:0+
  • Price Tag: $35.00
  • Where to buy: Noodle & Boo

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