Get creative with your soda!

This is one of those gifts that is certain to wow anyone who receives it! A Starter Kit from SodaStream contains everything you need to get starting on making your own soda. All you need to accompany it is some Soda Mix in the flavors that appeal to your taste buds. The system is really easy to use. You simply fill your bottle with cold water, put it in the soda maker, and push the button 3 times. When you remove your bottle just add the soda mix of your choice and voila, you have made your own soda! We would make a bottle and it would last us for the entire day. It was really refreshing to be able to design a drink to suit your personal tastes - you can add more or less carbonation, make it as sweet as you like, or try combining soda mix to create your own flavor. With their MyWater mixes you can make your own flavored seltzer water and control the amount of fizz it has. Some of my favorite things about the SodaStream system are: 1) You aren't creating lots of waste with cans and bottles. You use the same bottles over and over again. Plus their unique bottle caps with hermetic seals keep your drink fizzy longer. 2)It saves money. Lots of money - the cost of seltzer water goes to 20 cents a bottle, way less than the $1+ price tag at the store. Your cost per soda or energy drink begins at just 15 cents per serving. By my calculations I pay about 35 cents for every coke and $2 for each energy drink. 3) The drinks are better for you. Their regular flavored drink mixes have no high fructose corn syrup and their diet mixes contain no aspartame. They also contain less sugar, calories, carbs, and sodium. 4)They have a cool database of creative drink recipes to ensure that you always have lots of fun options with your SodaStream.

With over 25 different drink mixes to choose from there is no reason to wait! Make the switch to SodaStream and enjoy your soda in a whole new way.
  • Wrap it up: When you purchase a Soda Starter Kit all you need to accompany this gift is a few soda mixes to get the lucky recipient started. Perhaps a gift card to buy the flavors they prefer?
  • Age: Adult
  • Price Tag: $99+
  • Where to Buy: SodaStream

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Jossel said...

This is a super product.

I bought mine from http://makeyoursoda.com as they offer a $10 savings coupon.

I just love the convenience of being able to make my own soda and seltzer at home

Helen said...

Jossel, thanks for the deal i followed suite. I love getting discounts online. Better than paying full price. Great review lbog psot by the way.

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