Make your bathtime joyful

One of my favorite ways to relax and unwind is a long, hot bath. During cold winter months this becomes even more enjoyable. The refreshing bath salts from Joyful Bath Co. will bring your bath time to an even higher relaxation level. There are 6 different bath salts to choose from. One for whatever your needs might be at that bath time. You can choose refreshing, releasing, recharging, relieving, renewing, or relaxing. Each bath salt has different ingredients to get your body different results. The Refreshing Bath Salts use grapefruit to lighten your spirit and honey to cleanse/soften your skin. Whereas the Renewing Bath Salts use Buttermilk to soften your skin and Vanilla to calm your soul. No matter which bath salt you use - I found them all to transform my tub into a refreshing experience and to leave my skin feeling my better than before my bath.

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