A monster truck so easy a preschooler can drive!

Billy Fun Wheels certainly lives up to his name! After buying several remote controlled cars for my son, I have learned that they can be really confusing for a child. We were lucky enough to receive our own Billy Fun Wheels from Chicco to try, review, and keep thereafter. We were thrilled with it! Billy is so easy to use that my 15 month old has a great time playing with him too! Instead of them trying to use a joystick or other complicated steering mechanism - your child can simply rotate the steering wheel right or left to steer the monster truck. Not only is it simple for children to use but it's also more fun because they get to pretend to drive with a steering wheel. Billy will also go in reverse and he even has light up headlights. Complete with engine and honking sounds, this toy is lots of entertainment for your little one. We were really impressed with it's durability even after being smacked into walls, navigated down the stairs and driven all over the backyard. It's easy to see why it was named one of Dr. Toy's 2009 Best Picks!
  • Wrap it up: Just make sure you have the batteries needed to get Billy going on Christmas morning!!
  • Age: 2+
  • Price Tag: $34.99
  • Where to buy: You can watch Billy in action by visiting Chicco or purchase him at ToysRUs and EToys.

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