Dandelion's Earth Friendly Goods

Being green is not only great for the environment but it is incredibly popular right now. I for one am really excited that people are jumping on the earth friendly bandwagon. Hopefully we will keep the earth in better shape and I also just love the creative products that are coming out. Dandelion has so many unique and wonderful products for your family. Their organic totes don't make you compromise on style. I love that someone has finally created a green tote that actually has multiple pockets. I can still be organized with this tote. I was sent the Canvas Diaper Bag to try out and I love it right down to the unique rope straps! It has plenty of space for all our baby gear and it even has stretchy side pockets for bottles. My favorite feature was the key catcher inside of the 100% organic canvas bag. It kept me from doing my usual bag dump to unlock the car.

In addition to their Organic Canvas Totes - Dandelion also offers products like organic teethers & rattles, organic developmental toys, and a whole collection of natural feeding products. I also tried out some of the feeding products. The collection includes cups, bowls, utensils, and divided plates. They are all made from corn! I had no idea that you could make anything from corn that wasn't edible. The unique bio plastic formula used to make Dandelion's feeding products uses mainly corn. This is great for the environment because it is not only a renewable and sustainable resource but it needs much less fossil resources to produce. The end result is reusable and very lightweight. It is perfect for your children just starting to feed themselves or a great addition when packing lunches. Almost everything from Dandelion is under $10 and their diaper bags will only set you back $49. You can check out all they have to offer and start filling your shopping cart with earth friendly goods by visiting Dandelion here.Best Blogger Tips

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