Quash away germs with 100% natural ingredients!

I have an irrational fear of the stomach flu. Those who know me would say I am a little insane about it.....that serious therapy could benefit me. Everyone has some type of phobia and that is mine. I have been terrified of vomit since I was a little girl and unfortunately it seems to have gotten worse since I had children. They just bring home all these germs and then spread them all over the house. Preschool has kindly shared many lovely illnesses with my children. Quash is a 100% natural way to kill germs. It is so perfect for children because you don't have to worry about them ingesting it. I am fearful of them using most waterless sanitizers because I worry about them placing their now chemical or alcohol covered hands into their mouth. Quash is lab proven to kill 99.9% of harmful germs and it does it using ingredients like manuka honey, liquid vitamin C, zinc, radish root, aloe vera, lavender, lime, even white tea leafs. I feel safe letting my young ones use Quash to kill the germs on their hands and I love that they don't even need to use water to do so. It is the perfect product to tuck into your purse or diaper bag. You will catch yourself using it all the time. Thankfully the alcohol free formula won't make your hands crack! Oddly enough the vitamins and minerals in the unique formula will leave your hands feeling nourished. A scary truth is that 80% of the germs that cause sickness are spread from our hands. So even if you think it's a little extreme that my 4 year old carries his own bottle of Quash in his pocket - we will be spending much less time feeling sick in my home. The easy to use spray bottle is something I wish everyone would be toting around.Best Blogger Tips

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