Just in time for Halloween - Where's My Mummy?

We take books seriously in our household. We actually turned our spare room into a library and all that it contains is books. I keep all the seasonal books separated in different containers and only bring them out at the fitting time of year. It makes the books seem fresh to my kids and it adds some extra fun to each holiday. We are currently enjoying our Halloween books and I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Carolyn Crimi's Where's My Mummy. This adorable book is so cute and funny. I love the monster take on a little one looking for his mother. The wee-mummy searches through all types of creatures that go bump in the night before he finds his mummy. It's a fun story that is just a little scary depending on the voices made by the one reading it aloud. I really enjoyed reading this one with my eldest son - it was fun making all the different creepy sounds. My son loved the illustrations too! In our stack of Halloween reads this is the one he chooses more often than not. Carolyn Crimi is a wonderful author and I have to say that Where's My Mummy has earned a spot as one of our favorite books. You can pick up your own copy on Amazon for as low as $8 - this would be a really cute Halloween present for your little one!Best Blogger Tips

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Lynette said...

Sounds like a great idea to switch out the books according to the season. It is so much more exciting when it arrives feeling new!
What's your favorite Fall/ Halloween book for kids?

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