To Jackson on his 1st birthday

I just can't believe that you are one already. It went so fast. It's as though I blinked and you were walking. You're not a baby anymore. You eat your brother's leftover sandwich when he leaves his plate unattended. You will eat anything and it seems that you are never full. You walk all around the house getting into everything. You love remotes, hair brushes, wrapping paper tubes, and most of all golf clubs. You will spend hours hitting a ball around the house with your club - not a plastic club either. You decided you were too big for a plastic club months ago and started using your big brother's clubs. You are a light. When I look at you you are all smiles. You are full of laughter. You have the best disposition. You are always happy and extremely easy going. From the beginning our only struggle with you was getting you to sleep in your crib. Now you that you sleep peacefully through the night we have no struggles with you. You have really spoiled us. I think that you will be an athlete. You are big for your age and super strong. You will actually do pull ups on a pull up bar. You are so focused on whatever you are currently doing which is typically playing golf. And you are tough - you won't let anyone mess with you. If big bro is making you mad you will let him know. You are definitely not a push over. It's exciting to see the way you are changing and to get to know your personality more and more. Every moment with you is precious. Happy 1st Birthday our Mr. Happy, may all your wishes come true.Best Blogger Tips

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