Business Cards from U Printing!

In this day & age who couldn't benefit from having their own set of business cards? Employed or not, Mommy cards are becoming extremely useful. I even adore the idea of having a business card for your child. I meet people all the time at the park or gymboree that have a child who plays well with my child. It is so nice to be able to pass on all some contact info without having the juggle two kids and a pen. Whatever you need them for U Printing is the perfect location to create the Business Card that is perfect for your life. U Printing can create all types of beautiful business cards, even Die Cut Business Cards.

Right now 2 lucky readers have the chance to win 500 Business Cards from U Printing! You can choose from 3 Business Card Sizes (2x3.5, 2x3, 2x2), choose your paper (14pt cardstock w/ matte or gloss coating or 13 pt cardstock uncoated), and you can choose to have color on both sides too! The only catch is that the winner MUST pay shipping and only US Residents can enter. The deadline to enter is September 10th at midnight EST. To enter fill out the form below.Best Blogger Tips

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