To Connor on his 4th Birthday

I know that one day in the near future you will look at me and think I'm anything but cool. I know that someday the idea of me reading you book after book will sound incredibly dull. Right now that is your favorite thing to do with me. Probably because I am not the amazing train player that your father is. You seem to get a little frustrated with my track designing skills, or lack there of. However you are always so patient with me and you explain to me why that track can't run that way and how to fix it. I am starting to believe that trains are not just a passing fancy for you. Although you have loved them from birth I assumed you would soon bore of them. Yet here you are four years later and I would swear if I cut you your blood would drop into the shape of railroad tracks. You are an extremely bright little guy. There is no pulling the wool over your eyes. You catch when I try to skip a page in your story. You observe when I try to sneak a snack of gummi bears without sharing. You listen and retain everything. You are my walking tape recorder and you remember every promise made. I am proud of the boy you have grown into and sad that you are growing up so rapidly. I'm terrified of the day when you think you no longer need me and when my kisses can't heal every booboo. You are a wonderful brother. You are patient and sweet. You are always offering to help. You actually want to do chores and we have to restrict you from washing dishes because that is your new favorite activity (and mommy can't stand the water soaked floors). You are funny. You have that comedic timing that many of us try to imitate and never succeed. It comes naturally to you and you will always make me smile. Your very affectionate and even go so far to pretend to shot us with guns loaded with kisses. You love to cuddle and somehow sneak into our bed each morning to snuggle up. You are afraid of monsters and these paintings I painted for you. You made me remove them from your bedroom wall. You are also scared of smoke under your door (no clue about that one) and of tornados (that was my fault...I let you watch twister). You love to eat pbj and cereal. You are so special to me. You are my firstborn and will always be my little baby. Happy 4th birthday my little engineer, may all your wishes come true.

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