When you are pregnant deciding what to eat can be a bit of a chore. It's difficult to find nutritious snacks for your developing child that you also want to eat. Bellybar has several products that were made especially for new and expectant mothers. They are filled with healthy ingredients like omega-3 DHA, iron, and folate (all important to a growing baby and it's mother). I have to carry snacks to get through the day when I am pregnant or nursing. Without the constant pick me up I always get light headed or queasy. Usually my snacks consist of junk food so for me it was really nice to find a line of products that not only taste good but I know are good for me and my baby. The convenient packaging makes them easy to keep next to the door and toss in your bag before you head out. Bellybar has bars, shakes, and chews. I love the bars! They are my favorite and come in 4 tasty flavors. The delicious chews come in citrus on board and chocolate cuddles. And you can choose between a vanilla dreams shake or a due for chocolate shake. You will quickly crave the healthy but delectable tastes of Bellybar products and something tells me you will keep wanting them long after your baby has become a toddler.Best Blogger Tips

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