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I apologize to all my readers for the complete lack in all postings. The summer set in full blast and it seemed that I never had enough hours in the day. We are constantly traveling and when we are home I can barely keep up. I had to take a brief break and focus on spending some hard core quality time with my family. I'm working to get back up to speed and soon things will get back to normal around here. I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.

The Now What Baby boys have been changing rapidly before my panicked eyes. It scares me to see them grow up so quickly. Hard for me to accept that in just 3 weeks I will have a 4 year old and a 1 year old. I no longer have a little baby. I have a preschooler and a toddler. Perhaps it is time to think about adding another little one to our clan?? I love having another baby but I am not such a huge fan of the leasing of my body for 10 months...really more like 2 years when you add in the nursing process. Connor seems to think we need a new addition. He requests a "sister baby" but he thinks that "sister baby and mommy" should go live in our own house and let the boys stay with daddy. I asked Connor if I could come home on the weekends and once he agreed I realized that his plan didn't sound all that bad....

So what's new with Jackson and Connor? Jackson eats everything and I mean everything. Just the other day I caught him feasting on a beetle. He was heartbroken when I took his crunchy snack away from him. He believes the trash can is where I store all the delicious treats. We had to start keeping it in the garage because he would knock it over and closely resemble a junkie searching for a fix. He's walking and loves to get dirty. If there is dirt or mud anywhere in his vicinity he will try to bathe in it - he will even go so far as to dip his current toy into the mud and then lick it off. Now you know why the beetle didn't shock me. His favorite toys are not toys. He carries around a golf club or a shovel everywhere. He also has the wooden handle of a rubber hammer that has become a close friend. We can't forget his love affair with toothbrushes and hairbrushes either. So I quit buying him any toys and I just let him play with our personal hygiene products.

Connor is about to start back to school (is it wrong to hear a hallelujah chorus as I type that?). He spends his time constructing gigantic train tracks and then trying to convince me he is too tired to clean them up. I have really started to appreciate just how funny he is. He knows how to make some pretty good jokes for a little guy. He is a wonderful helper and really volunteers to do chores around the house. I know that this is probably a very short phase so I am being certain to let him help as much as possible. We have a little game in which started by me telling him that I love him all the way to the moon. It has now been Connorized and he starts the game by telling me what he loves to me to - usually it is something like the biggest largest rock or lamp (basically whatever object is in his eye line). We have fun doing this though and it will make a car ride a little more bearable...although anymore than 40 minutes of this game and it turns to torture or poop (everything eventually is about poop with Connor).Best Blogger Tips

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