Mighty World Complete Base Camp

We have had the pleasure of playing with toys from the Mighty World collection before and they still top the list of my son's favorite things. He loves how detailed they are and they hold up pretty well too - they have to be able to endure quite a beating to survive in our home. The Mighty World Complete Base Camp is an incredibly detailed adventure set. It even has a tiny cooler and tiny forks! I was fascinated by all the thought out parts that come with this seriously complete set - I pack less when our whole family goes camping. It comes with over 50 accessories! So pick up the Complete Base Camp and send your child out on an imagination adventure that doesn't require you getting to bond with bugs. My son's favorite feature is the sleeping bags and fold up tent. He is begging to go on a real camping trip now. Mighty World has tons of cool playsets for your budding adventurist -You can visit International Playthings to get your own Mighty World Complete Base Camp or to discover the set that is perfect for your child.Best Blogger Tips

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