Excusa Moi?

So Connor is usually filled with sweet compliments when it comes to my clothing. Perhaps its because I have taken him on many a torture filled shopping trip but he is now a pretty good little shopper. His wife can thank me for that one later - he won't be wearing pleated khakis or sandals with socks. He has style and he isn't ashamed to pull out clothing and see how it will look on him in the mirror. He has a strong sense of fashion. In fact when he gets the opportunity to dress himself I am always impressed by his outfit choices. Just the other day he came down wearing blue athletic shorts, a bright red tee with the words Mama Aint Raisin No Fool and black cowboy boots. Quite the combo but he managed to make it look fierce. So you can imagine my shock when yesterday I put on a cute white blouse and green skirt and received the following reaction. Connor looked me up and down and said in all seriousness "Mom, if you wear that no one will like you." I did a double take at the offensive outfit and asked him "why?". He said "people don't like green skirts". I asked him "what people?" and he told me "everyone mom, everyone" (like he was disgusted I didn't know who the people where). I guess this is the first of conversations I will have with him where he tells me "everybody is doing it". I vaguely remember using that line to explain to my mother why it should be ok to wear belly shirts, pierce my navel, and attend spring break without chaperone's. If everybody is doing it - it will be lots of fun but more likely than not lots of trouble too. That line never worked on my mother and now I can understand. Why did it make so much sense as a teenager?Best Blogger Tips

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