Theme Fragrance

I'm drawn to Theme Fragrance from the minute I see the bright bottles. Once I read names like Bikini and Seashell I know that I must try it. And once I smell the perfect scents....I am hooked. It's summer time and I have been searching for just the right scent to capture one of my favorite seasons. Theme Fragrance has scents that are so wonderful. I am obsessed with the smell of Sarong and thus I am not at all shocked to discover it is a Theme Fragrance bestseller. It has soft hints of vanilla, coconut, and flowers. It reminds me of the beach...a mixture of my favorite vanilla lotion, a pina colada, and a lush garden. Seashell is another favorite of mine - it smells faintly like pink grapefruit and it makes me feel awake and refreshed. One more scent you must have for this summer is Bikini - it has a sweet fruity scent and when I wear it I can smell hints of papaya and citrus. I love clean scents that make me think of summer time! I also really like the roll on bottles that you can get from Theme Fragrance. They are easy to tote and roll on without a greasy trail, even more impressive: they only cost $10. Theme Fragrance has lots of delightful scents to choose from and you can browse them & buy them online here. They would make a really cute gift too!Best Blogger Tips

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