Goosie Cards

Sometimes making learning fun for your child can become a really tough challenge. We want to give them a jump start on the education track at a young age but we also don't want to suck all the fun out of the experience. I love the way Goosie Cards has found a solution to making flashcards enjoyable for your children. You actually get to create custom flash cards based on what your child loves and who they know. You just upload the photos/images that you want to use on your cards and you decide on the text as well. For example - we put up a picture of Connor and then the text said C is for Connor. We also used objects and family members that really appealed to Connor. We used trains, ice cream, candy, his little brother, his grandparents, and so on to build a set of flashcards he really connects to. It makes the learning experience something that he enjoys and that he loves to show off to anyone who will look. Your Goosie Cards are made to last for a long time. They are spill proof, tear proof, and have survived our baby's chew on test. Although they are a great hit with our 3 year old, my 9 month old son really enjoys playing with them too! You can build your own online today by visiting Goosie Cards!Best Blogger Tips

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