Otto Grows Down

There are many books out there about welcoming a new sibling to the family. Otto Grows Down by Michael Sussman is anything but typical. It's an imaginative story that makes you look at what would happen if time went backwards. I found myself sucked into Otto's world as everything happened in reverse and he grew to realize having a sibling might not be so bad. My son loved this story! He was so fascinated by the things that happened to Otto. It had never occurred to him (or me) that in a reverse life you would take a bath that makes you dirty or get a hair cut that makes your hair longer. This is a tale that your kid will love and is sure to become the book that is read over & over. We read a lot of books in our home and it is hard for one to stand out to my son (unless it has a train), but Otto Grows Down is always at the top of his bedtime story picks. The pictures are bright, fun, and the story is wonderful. You can check it out online at the Otto Grows Down site and find out where to get your own.Best Blogger Tips

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