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The art of note writing seems to have come and gone. Most of the time we only correspond through texts and emails. Call me old fashioned but I love to get something in the mail. Something beautiful that I can hold, treasure, and put up on the wall in my office. I like hand written messages on pretty notes and I hope that they don't become a thing of the past. Haute Note has a modern collection of unique note cards that make you want to reach for your pen and recall your cursive. They not only have an endless supply of gorgeous designs but you can personalize them to your tastes in a matter of moments! So create a birth announcement, invitation, or even a set of personalized notes to send to your buddies. I want something that I can put in my scrapbook when it comes to party invites or new baby announcements. Please don't just send me an evite. The quality of the products from Haute Note is stand out. They look expensive. They look elegant. And lucky for us they won't break your wallet. You can get a customized set of my favorite, their signature cards, for only $24. Check out the full selection and start creating your own special notes at Haute Note today!Best Blogger Tips

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kzi said...

wow,, so cute..

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