My son is always running all over our house. My baby is always trying to walk all over our house. The result is a lot of slipping and falling. I love the adorable moccasins from Nowali! It's all the best parts of a sock & shoe combined with an extra dose of comfort. The soft moccasins are easy to slide on and because of the elastic at the top they actually stay on. They have non skid soles which does a marvelous job at helping to prevent slips and falls. The leather sole and sock are even stitched together by hand. Visit the Nowali website to browse the selection of adorable moccasin prints for your family. The have sizes for baby, toddler, kid, and now even adults - so you can pamper your toes too! You can also save 10% & get free shipping for orders over $40 when you use the code HAPPYFEET at the checkout line now through 12/31/09!Best Blogger Tips

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