The Gofer Dance

I love when your child reaches the point that they really start to show their personality. Jackson is all smiles. He just lives to laugh. He recently started doing this little dance move - it looks alot like a gofer because he makes this crazy face to go along with the frantic arm movement. He also loves to watch dancing shows. My mother swears that the only way to get him to sleep when she babysits is to turn on Dancing With the Stars. Connor wanted Jackson to sleep over at her house the other night and when I told him no he replied "it's ok mom - Gigi has the dancing show at her house". Even he believes in the power of dancing tv. I can tell now that Connor has a lot of my personality in him and Jackson is a lot like his father. He even looks identical to his father. Seriously - you cannot tell the baby pictures apart. Sometimes he makes these faces and it freaks me out because it's a little odd to change the diaper of someone who looks just like your partner in romance...Best Blogger Tips

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